Kuta Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

Kuta Beach is located in the southern part of the Island of the Gods.
Kuta Beach is one of Bali island icon that has brought Bali name to foreign countries. The tourists both local and abroad many who enjoy his vacation on this beach. Every day, Kuta beach is always crowded by the visitors. In addition to its beautiful beaches, accommodation on the beach of Kuta is also very complete.

Since the 70s, this beach has been visited by many foreign tourists. Kuta Beach is also one of the main destinations for tourists visiting the island of Bali. Thanks to the beach of Kuta, the name of Bali island became famous among foreign tourists. This beach is famous for its white sand and sunset or sunset views are very amazing. Not only that, the tourists who visit Kuta beach can also enjoy the activities at Ngurah Rai airport from a distance.

If coming from Ngurah Rai airport, it only takes about 15 minutes using a motor vehicle. Kuta beach location is located in the center of the crowd. Day or night the area around the beach is always crowded by the visitors. To enter the beach area, we will not be charged alias free. We only charged parking fee of Rp. 5000, - if using private vehicle. It's a pleasure to visit this beach beach area.

Because of the many visitors to this beach, people know this beach as the heart of the island of Bali. The beauty of this beach makes it famous to all parts of the world. If you like surfing sports, this beach is perfect for surfing spot. For beginners surfers, there are plenty of surfboard rental places along this coastal kawasa. The price offered also varies according to board size. Guides will also help if we have trouble.

Along the road to the beach, we will find many hotels, restaurants, shops, art markets, and many tourism supporters that we can meet. If you want to stay, various types of hotels with each price can be the right choice. Sunrise view can be seen at 18:00 pm if the weather is sunny.

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Kuta Beach Location