Legian Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

Tourism Legian Beach is adjacent to Kuta beach. The distance from Ngurah Rai airport is about 6 kilometers and can be reached by motor vehicle within 20 minutes.

Bali is famous for its beach tourism. One of Bali island beach icon is Kuta beach. This beach is always crowded by visitors, both local and abroad. Adjacent to Kuta beach, there is one beach that also has a panorama that

This beach environment is similar to Kuta beach. However, the situation is not as serene as Kuta beach. This beach tends to be more quiet and quiet. This beach is more in demand by foreign tourists who vacation to the island of Bali, especially tourists from Australia.

The waves on this beach are quite challenging to make the surfing sports fans to hunt this beach. In this place you will find many surfers carrying their surf boards and ready to jump to break the waves of Legian beach surf. On the beach This is also often held surfing competitions. If you do not like surfing, you can sit in the sun or play sand. Very pleasant, because the texture of the sand beach Legian very soft.

In addition to beach tours, this beach also offers culinary tours and nightlife. Is not it amazing? Legian Beach is famous for its evening entertainment. Around the Legian beach there are many bars, restaurants, pubs, and others that offer a variety of food and drinks until late night of course with seasoned live music performance. The cost of enjoying accommodation on the beach is indeed quite cheap. Various international facilities make this beach visited by many foreign tourists, especially Australian tourists.

To avoid congestion, it is better to use a motorcycle to get to this beach area. In the area of ​​tourism in South Bali there are many motorcycle rental services at a price of Rp. 50.000, - per motor for 24 hours. By using a motorcycle, in addition to avoid congestion, you will also find it easier to find parking in the beach area of ​​Legian.

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