Medewi Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

This beach location is located in Medewi Village, District Pekutatan, Jembrana District, Bali.
West Bali area also has a beautiful beach. In addition to the scenery is quite amazing, beaches in the area of ​​West Bali is also often in demand by the surfers. One of the beaches in the area of ​​West Bali is Medewi beach.

In general, Kuta beach is one of the surfers' goals to break the waves. But we need to know if the beach area in West Bali also has a beach with the waves are quite challenging. One of them is Medewi beach. The distance is quite far from the city of Denpasar. For those of you who like a challenge, this beach is a must visit.

To reach Medewi beach area takes about one and a half hour from Denpasar City. The distance is approximately 70 kilometers long. By using a motor vehicle, the location of this beach is very easy to find. The distance between the highway and the beach lip about 100 meters so we can see the beach from the roadside. On the way, we will see the rice field scenery along the way and it becomes the main attraction for the visitors.

Medewi beach area is a rocky area that has a big wave. this makes surfing lovers very interested to come to this beach. Here we will be able to find surfers either beginners or who are experts. Beach waves are not only big, but also long so it is perfect for surfing spot.

Not only surfing activities, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the beach by sitting on the sand beach while waiting for the sunset. Not only Kuta beach that has a sunset view, sunset view is also not lost on the beach Medewi. In addition, a row of traditional fishing boats lining the coast make the atmosphere on the beach medewi more natural impressed.

Along with advances in tourism, around the coastal area has been built hotels and restaurants and public toilets. So the visitors will not be confused for the accommodation problem on Medewi beach.

Medewi beach is very worth to visit if we want to walk and tour in Bali. Traveling to the Island of the Gods, Bali are truly is one of a kind.

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Medewi Beach Location