Melasti Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

Melasti Beach is a beach located in the south of Bali Island precisely in Ungasan Village, and adjacent to Bali Cliff Beach. It is a 15-minute journey from Jimbaran.

Called Pantai Melasti because this beach is often used for Melasti ceremony by the surrounding residents on certain days eg before Nyepi day. Currently access to this beach is well laid out.

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There is not a single public facility signifying it as a tourist destination. Melasti Beach certainly assures you to be able to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere around it. Starting from the beauty of steep cliffs and the beauty of the beach.

The beauty of Melasti Beach is already visible from the top of a steep limestone hill. Even in many photos uploaded on social media, the streets of Melasti Beach located between the cliffs and precipitous cliffs of white cliffs are often used as their background for animate photos. Great views of the cliffs flanking on each side of the road, the character of Melasti Beach is almost the same as Pandawa Beach.

Melasti Beach Tour in Bali offers a very clear blue sea with white sand. The uniqueness of Melasti Beach is one of them with stone cavities like a small pond that is green when viewed from above. These cavities you can enjoy during low tide.

Activities on Melasti Beach
White sand and soft at Melasti Beach is also one of the attractions of Melasti Beach. This condition allows you to perform various activities from playing on the sand beach or walking barefoot on it. For those of you who bring young children, can also release children to play freely on the sand. But keep in mind, you can only do it at low tide. Because when the sea tide is very dangerous and unsafe to play water.

The waves on the lip of Melasti Beach are also not too big so it is suitable for swimming. If you like snorkeling activities, you can also do it there. So do not forget to bring snorkel gear! Because the sea water is very clear, so the small fish that are swimming when the sea receded can be seen clearly.

If you are the type of traveler who is only happy with the activity of sitting by the beach, while enjoying food or reading books, Melasti Beach is perfect for supporting these activities. Melasti Beach atmosphere is beautiful and still relatively quiet is a very fitting blend if you want to relax. Oh yes, on the sand surface where you can also relax found small crabs passing by. It certainly becomes the specialty of Melasti Beach.

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