Sanur Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

In the Island of Gods there are many famous beaches to foreign countries. This makes Bali has a name in the international world.

The foreign tourists do not cease to visit Bali. The local tourists do not want to lose, during the holidays they will flock to enjoy the beauty of the beach in Bali. One of the famous beaches in Bali Island is Sanur beach.

Who does not know Sanur beach. This beach is one of the beaches owned by the Island of the Gods and has been known from a bygone era by the tourists. This beach is located in the village of Sanur. The distance is about 16 kilometers from Ngurah Rai airport, so it takes about 20-30 minutes from the airport. Sanur Beach is known for its delicate waves and sand beaches. This beach is also known as the Sunrise beach. Sanur Beach began to be introduced by artists from Begia, A.J. Le Mayeur in 1937. The artist married a Balinese girl named Ni Polok. Mayeur introduces Sanur beach by making a painting about this beach and showing it abroad. Because of his services Sanur beach is still known to date by foreign tourists.

Many local tourists or foreign tourists who visit this beach. The calm waves are perfect for swimming. Sanur beach is also very suitable for children's holidays. Because they can also enjoy the warm sea water. The quiet stream makes the kids safe to join the beach. For underwater tours, sanur beach provides seawalker rides, so you can know the contents of the sea.

In the morning, we can jog around the beach while waiting for the sun to rise. If you do not like sports, you can sit on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the eastern horizon. For the tourists who want to stay, there are many inns near the beach area of ​​Sanur, so we will not miss the sunrise. For food and beverage problems, there are many stalls that provide various foods and drinks of course with friendly prices.

Until now, Sanur beach is still an icon of Bali Island.

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