Virgin Beach as a Bali Natural Beach Tourism

Virgin Beach is located in the eastern part of Bali island near the tourist area of ​​Candidasa, Karangasem, Bali.
Bali has so many tourist attractions. The beach is one of the destinations of tourists coming to Bali. On this island we will find many beaches with its own uniqueness. Not only in the southern part of the island of Bali, the eastern region precisely in the area of ​

To reach this beach location takes about 2 hours from the city of Denpasar using a motor vehicle. local people call this beach as Perasi beach. However, foreign tourists more recognize it by the name of White Sand Beach or Virgin Beach Bali. If you want to visit this beach do not have to worry with his name. Because basically the three names are referring to the same beach.

Because the distance is quite far from the city center, sometimes the tourists are reluctant to visit this beach. This beach is still beautiful and natural conditions. There are still not many visitors on this Virgin beach. Well, for those of you who want to relax in a quiet and natural place, Virgin beach is one of the right choice. Although the distance is quite far from downtown, but the beauty of this beach will make you fascinated.

For food issues, many small cafes provide a variety of food and beverages. So no need to fear for consumption problems. The price offered is also varied and certainly will not make a pocket hole. Most of the people around the coast have livelihoods as fishermen. Do not be surprised if while visiting this beach you find many perhau traditional parking on the beach.

The calm sea water and blue color makes this beach used as a lot of snorkeling spot. Not only that, if during sunny weather, this beach is perfect for a place to swim. However, vigilance must also be maintained because there is still no adequate security, especially if you want to invite children.

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Virgin Beach Location